Nestled in the heart of Riga Centrs beside Viesturdarzs Park, IMSOL offers students the opportunity to explore nature, providing a unique and enriching learning experience. We are situated in a location that allows us to not only learn about the world around us but truly experience it as well. 

Our commitment to the Montessori method includes the value of “Going Out,” a core Montessori practice that enables our students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and immerse themselves in real-world experiences. Being in close proximity to museums, embassies, and historical sites, our students have the privilege of walking over to enrich their education with first-hand encounters, making learning both exciting and memorable.

As the sole international elementary school in Riga Centrs, we take pride in our commitment to nurturing a positive and respectful learning environment, where students not only grow academically but also develop a deep understanding of the world around them through real-life exploration.