Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program is embedded in the morning work cycle, following Montessori principles. It offers individualized language support in literacy, vocabulary, and sentence formation to support students who need additional help accessing the curriculum in English.

The WIDA Framework

We have adopted the WIDA framework to help us better understand and support our students as they grow in their language development. This framework helps our teachers set curricular priorities to support students in expanding their language capabilities. In addition, we assess student progress using the WIDA test annually. All new students (for whom English is not their home language) are screened using the WIDA screener to assess their English proficiency. Proficiency in English is not a prerequisite, nor is it considered a factor, in the admissions process.

What is WIDA?

The WIDA framework, short for “World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment,” is a comprehensive system designed to support and enhance the instruction and assessment of English language learners (ELLs) at all levels of proficiency. Developed by the WIDA Consortium, a group dedicated to serving multilingual students, this framework is widely used in US and international schools to ensure that ELLs receive the appropriate language support and instruction needed to succeed academically.