What developmental activities are included in this training program, in addition to the standard set of lessons? 

The program includes lessons for the development of all levels of a child’s perception: it also includes art lessons, music, yoga, sports events, excursions and various student projects.

  • Do you suggest any seminars for parents and how you involve them inyo the school life?

We appreciate the participation of parents in the life of the preschool. We offer you individual consultations 2 times during a school year. During this conversation, you will receive information about how your child is developing, where his area of interest is, how he feels in the classroom and how he manages to build contacts with children and teachers.

Also parent may come at the Classroom Observations and Silence Journey. 

On this day you will be able to visit your children’s preschool, learn how the Montessori system works and work with the materials yourself. A journey into silence or a workshop will be held on Saturday, when parents will be invited to come to preschool without children and spend about 1 hour to deep into the child’s world. 

The next option is to take part at the workshops for parents. We strongly recommend every family to attend 2 workshops per year.


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