Gadgets: how to solve the inner problem and find the psychological roots of this problem:

Every parent knows how difficult it is to negotiate with a child to turn off the phone / tablet / cartoon on the TV. This is ineffective and fraught with tears-scandal. But it is also impossible to allow the child to spend 24 hours a day in gadgets. What should we do in such situations? First of all, you need to find what needs of your child are covered by gadgets and think about the more eco-friendly alternative. 

What may it be?

Communication: Try to focus on developing your child’s communication skills. Invite other children to visit you or arrange a holiday. 

Acceptance: It happens that a child does not have inner felling of being successful and accepted by other important people, the child has no friends or only few of them few friends in real life. And in his favorite game he is the main captain of the team, who is appreciated by everyone. So try to tell your child how much you love him more often and celebrate his successes, even when it seems to be small to you. 

Entertainment: So help your child to organize other interesting leisure activities. Of course, going on a hike together or gathering a children’s company and arranging competition games for them is more difficult and labor-intensive than just giving a tablet. But this is how children see that they can have fun in a different way, without cartoons and computer games. 

Because if you simply just take away the gadget from the child and do not close his urgent need, the child will feel himself a deficit, and as a result the parent has a risk to become the enemy for the kid, but not the friend.

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