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One of the basic topics for the adult is to understand the nature of the child to help him to develop and express himself.

To ensure this, an adult needs to create the environment where the child can develop himself in accordance with his internal energy. Because the child is endowed with an amazing ability to educate himself on his own. 

Self-reliance is one of the key concepts that open the way for a child to grow up naturally and healthy. But adults must help the child in his amazing but challenging field of endeavor. And the first step is to create the right environment, which includes not only a safe space and the right materials and lessons, but also includes the prepared adult as part of that environment. It is he who will be able to become a guide for the child into the world of independence and the disclosure of his potential.

The Montessori method necessarily requires the prepared and safe environment and trained teachers. But the parent can also help their child by creating a Montessori environment at home as well and become not only a loving parent, but also a guide who opens up a new world and helps the baby feel independent. What in the future means to open the whole world for a child, making it a cozy and safe home, where there is an opportunity to create, create and invent.

We will talk here about the features of the development of the child’s body and psyche, about the Montessori method and how you can create a Montessori environment at your home.

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