Prepared environment at home.

When the child comes into this world, he needs an adult to take care of him, who can provide two important aspects of his life: 

  • providing basic security (the need for the safe environment, the loving adult, warmth, food, hygiene and healthy sleep), 
  • as well as providing a safe psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual development. 
  • And the connection between these needs and the child is the adult. 
  • Today we want to tell you about some basic principles that will help you to create the prepared and safe environment at home. 
  • So, the first point will be fundamental – everything should be suitable for the child.
  • The child’s bed, shelves, wardrobe, table and chairs should be appropriate for the height and size of the child. 
  • Try to choose furniture and toys made from natural materials and give preference to natural colors. 
  • The child does not need a lot of toys – it will be enough for him to have no more than five toys in the room, since his attention will also be attracted by other objects that are a natural part of the room and with which he also learns to interact. 
  • Consider lighting: take care of soft light and a night lamp.
  • The children’s room should be clean, the kid need to used to this natural order into his room. 
  • We also advise you to give preference to open shelves in accordance with the growth of the child. Then they can keep all the necessary toys and books within easy to reach. The child can see them and understand how the space around him is organized and where things need to be put back – because he knows that each thing has its own place on the shelf, in the closet or on the table. 
  • It will be useful also to place mirrors in the room so that the child can observe the reflection and understand that the world can be viewed from different angles and perspectives.

The main idea is that the environment should support the child in his desire for movement and exploration.

A final and very important reminder: you are part of the child’s safe environment. 

From you the child will receive his first experience of love, acceptance and support, his first hugs and touches as the first tactile experience for the development of motor skills in the future, from you he must constantly hear parental speech in a calm, gentle and confident voice, which will then help him easily master the language. 

You show him what love, care, order and responsibility. And you help him to take his first steps in the difficult and exciting journey to independence.

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