Organization of the home environment, time without a tablet and phone

Parents often are faced with this problem – the child constantly asks for a tablet or phone, wants to play games or watch cartoons. How can we help the child to shift his attention from the gadgets to the real life? 

The solution lies in two aspects: the creation of a home prepared environment and the adult’s non-interference in the child’s attempts to achieve independence.

Every child develops according to the laws of nature, which tell him to look at adults and create his own experience, imitating them. 

In order for the child to succeed, it is necessary to organize a comfortable space at home for “adult” and “real” activities: for instance the child will be very interested in doing real cooking or cleaning. 

To do this, you need:

  • to prepare in advance all the necessary materials for this lesson, 
  • to make sure that the size of dishes, furniture and other items matches the size of the child’s hand and the height of the child as much as possible,
  • it is also necessary to ensure the order and algorithm of action, 
  • to speak and to show all the moments regarding safety rules, 
  • to provide everything you need so that your kid can use them independently and to put all the stuff in right places after cooking and clean up his workplace. 
  • Well, and the most difficult moment for the parent, but vital for the development of the child: to give him a little freedom and the opportunity to do it by himself. 

Believe us, the child will forget about gadgets if he can feel like a full-fledged and independent family member who can cook a sandwich, chop a salad, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, iron his own T-shirt, wipe the dust on an equal footing with mom and dad. 

The child is a natural continuation of nature and real life, so believe us, the reality and the opportunity to be in it and achieve his daily victories are much more important for the child than a fictional digital world of non-existent reality.

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